VELO3D Appoints James Shih as VP of Supply Chain Management

BIKE3D has appointed James Shih as vice president of supply chain management as it seeks to meet demand for its metal 3D printing systems.

His main responsibility in the role will be to build strong supply chains for his Sapphire systems, including mechanical parts, electronics and materials used in the printing process.

Prior to joining VELO3D, Shih was Director of Supply Chain Management at Bloom Energy, while he also held positions at Logitech and Foxconn manufacturing facilities in supply chain, program management and business development. In these roles, Shih reportedly developed expertise in “strategic sourcing, price/cost analysis, lean manufacturing quantification, and contract renewal.”

Upon joining VELO3D, Shih will focus on directing, planning and championing all aspects of VELO3D’s supply chain, while also being responsible for ensuring healthy inventory at the company’s manufacturing and distribution facilities. ‘business. Additionally, he will work with customers to support VELO3D’s broader customer satisfaction effort.

“Companies that double or triple their growth in a single calendar year face a unique set of supply chain challenges that require incremental and strategic solutions,” Shih commented. “We estimate that the current addressable market for additive manufacturing is over $2 billion and will grow as machine and production costs come down due to economies of scale. For VELO3D to have a significant impact on the market and to achieve its growth objectives, we will need strong supply chain partners and I look forward to meeting these challenges.

“Companies continue to rethink how they set up their supply chain ecosystems to ensure they have contingency plans in place to secure needed materials through multiple trusted vendors,” added VELO3D CEO, Benny Buller. “We are fortunate to have James join us with 20 years of experience in the electronics, technology and energy industries, as well as a history of working with suppliers around the world. By having it lead our supply chain efforts, we can prepare for growth by building healthy and sustainable supply chains.

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