Thanksgiving turkey prices rise due to supply chain shortage

Shortages caused by pandemics and supply chain hiccups have driven turkey prices up for Thanksgiving.

Butterball CEO Jay Jandrain arrested by ABC hello americanhas Friday to discuss the shortage, suggesting that those looking for smaller turkeys soon start preparing to buy their main course.

“We recommend that if you are looking for a smaller bird, you go out early,” Jandrain said. “We’re already seeing some pretty dynamic sales at the retail level, especially with the smaller turkeys. Really, this is due to the challenges we’ve all faced with COVID and the labor shortages we’ve had. “

Jandrain continued: “Usually a 10 to 12 pound [turkey] up to 14 pounds is going to be more difficult. Anything over 16 pounds – they will certainly be more readily available.

Back in September, the the Wall Street newspaper reported that some supermarkets had already started placing orders to meet November demand.

While WSJ the expected rise in bird prices, Krishnakumar Davey, president of customer engagement at IRI, said GMA that turkey isn’t the only Thanksgiving item to see its prices skyrocket; in fact, most vacation stalwarts are seeing prices 5-10% higher than last year.

“The turkey is the cheapest part of the meal, quite frankly,” Davey said. “On average, it’s around a dollar a pound. It’s hard to find protein for a dollar a pound in your store, so it’s still amazing value. And the good news: if you have a bigger turkey, you have more leftovers. And who doesn’t like leftovers the next day?

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