Supply chain adds to storm preparedness issues

Supply chain issues are causing all kinds of shortages. Add to that the freezing winter season, and it’s the perfect storm for storm preparedness issues.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA – It’s been a freezing year so far, and Phil Hoff says he already has what he needs for the coming winter.

With the National Weather Service issuing winter weather advisories for our area, stores say the rock salt dissipates quickly.

“I had a customer come in and buy 20 of these ‘Safe Steps’ here,” said Dan Gay, manager of Gay’s True Value Hardware.

A few weeks ago, Gay said the last ice storm surprised everyone and many ran out of rock salt.

“We had heard a lot of people say we were the only ones in town that had it.”

With supply issues, Gay ordered extra rock salt.

“Then we weren’t going to have enough for the rest of the year, but we ended up getting another delivery that we had already pre-ordered.”

On Thursday morning, the owner said one of the three brands he had in stock was already sold out and another of the three was badly sold out.

At Riccardo’s market in Dunmore, there was only a small quantity left. Two weeks ago, at Riccardo, they sold out within three hours of their release.

“We had this aisle completely filled with rock salt,” Lexxus General Manager Link said.

Link says she didn’t think others would come in time for this storm, but another supplier made it.

“For the customers, I was really surprised that we were able to bring him in. And a lot of people were very grateful.”

While both stores hope to have enough rock salt after this storm, they say it’s time to make way for spring supplies.

“We probably won’t replenish it. We’ll start stacking our charcoal,” Link said.

“It’s starting to be March,” Gay said. “I don’t want any left.”

“Oh, yeah, we canceled,” Hoff said. “More ice this year.”

See advice on severe weather conditions on the WNEP YouTube channel.

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