‘Some things to work on’ but ‘definitely positive signs’

The “game on the line” was the last live play of the night, when Parks ripped off the errant pitch and ended the offense’s attempt to “tie” the game at 26-all and then snatch it. win with an extra point. Phillips’ steal a few playoffs earlier gave the Jets two INTs for the night for a unit that had just seven all last season, tied for 30th in the NFL. And the red-zone/goal-line success was welcome for the unit, which allowed opponents 84 points last season in the final two minutes of halftime, the most by the Jets since 2016.

But then the run defense, which went south last year largely because of the “explosives” Mosley mentioned, had a few issues on Saturday night that the captain didn’t like.

“We gave up a few points when we didn’t have the lead,” he said. “Our run defense has also been a big priority. If we can’t stop the run, we can’t make a team one-dimensional. So there are things we need to work on.”

But Mosley wasn’t about to let the run defense spoil the night.

“We’re on a whole different level, I think,” compared to last season, Mosley said. “We’ve been in this system a whole year together, coaches and players, players and coaches. The learning curve from last year to now is very dramatic. You can see the guys competing and working together, trying to to improve.

“Certainly there were a lot of positive signs.”

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