Shocked by surprise losses, Democrats sound the alarm for 2022

But Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, was not guessing.

“Glenn Youngkin got away with being everything for everyone, and we can’t let them do it,” Maloney said, adding: “House Republicans have set their sights on Trump’s toxic agenda of lying about the elections, of downplaying the pandemic, of ignoring the attack on Capitol Hill. ”

Although more unexpected, Tuesday’s Democratic defeats weren’t as crushing as the last time the party controlled the Presidency and Congress, in 2009, when Republicans won Virginia’s gubernatorial post by 17 percentage points. and that of New Jersey as well. The deepening polarization has entrenched Democrats in some suburban jurisdictions, such as Fairfax County in Virginia, which Mr McAuliffe won by 30 percentage points in his return candidacy.

These suburban voters, who remain contemptuous of Mr. Trump, may not be reachable for Republicans next year. There are two sides to the growing polarization of the country, however, and the massive losses Democrats have suffered in rural Virginia and New Jersey have demonstrated that they are in grave danger of losing even more states and districts. next year with sparse populations.

What gives Democrats a bit of optimism is the idea that, as their candidates this year presented themselves against an unsightly backdrop of legislative bickering within parties, there will be major achievements to be announced in the year. next.

“When we talk about the process, we lose, but once the process is done, we will have a lot to say about what we do for real people,” said John Anzalone, Mr Biden’s investigator.

Of course, midway through 2010, Democrats had an opportunity to push forward the Affordable Care Act and still suffered huge losses, in part because they weren’t seen as sufficiently focused on reviving the healthcare system. the post-recession economy.

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