Peoria, Tazewell, Woodford actual property transactions of Might 30, 2021


These transactions, recorded the week of Might 17, are compiled from data recorded with the respective departments. They characterize gross sales of $ 78,000 or extra.


1215 W. Gilbert Ave., Peoria: Fannie Mae at Charmin Taylor, $ 79,900.

Santa Fe Estates South Part 2 NW Quarter & NE Quarter Part 16-11-8E, Lot 24, North Sequoia Curve, Chillicothe: Randall G. and Elaine M. Sommer to Steven E. and Lynn A. Estes, $ 80,000.

722 W. Truitt Ave., Chillicothe: Carl and Connie J. Barnett to Christopher Kelly, $ 85,000.

4444 N. Knoxville Ave., Peoria: Dan and Marsha Mattson to Maura Shepherd, $ 87,500.

925 S. Handbook Ave., Peoria: Roma M. and Carolyn Wallace to Latosha M. Tracy, $ 90,000.

213 W. Stonegate Street, Peoria: Ruth M. and Lori M. Sandoval to Craig Andrew, $ 90,000.

2706 W. Scenic Drive, Peoria: George and Janet W. Szeto to Christopher Smith, $ 90,500.

521 S. Eastland Ave., Peoria: Shane and Megan M. Clark to Kyle Mikula, $ 94,500.

15723 N. Sixth St., Chillicothe: Imre and Mary Catherine Csepregi to Kory Terrell, $ 96,400.

4022 S. Airport Street, Bartonville: Ryan Blackorby to Christopher Okay. and Angela R. Butler, $ 98,000.

910 E. Struggle Memorial Drive and 913 E. Paris Ave., Peoria Heights: G&Okay LLC to Shane Souba, $ 102,500.

20330 N. North Hampton Street, Chillicothe: Paul Okerberg to Brenton P. and Heather A. Okerberg, $ 105,000.

1214 W. Lake Ave., Peoria: Schilling Actual Properties LLC to Amanda R. Belk, $ 108,000.

318 E. Craig Road, Princeville: Carl J. Will to Lisa Wade, $ 110,000.

931 E. Richwoods Blvd., Peoria: Brian J. Monge and Joseph R. Fontana to Walter Schimke, Kelly Schimke and Samuel Schimke, $ 110,000.

202 Winston Lane, Bartonville: Anthony and Susan Segree to Ella R. White and Tanner J. Rhoades, $ 110,000.

519 W. Predominant Road, Princeville: Michael J. Senn to Bradley Okay. Plack, $ 117,500.

2919 W. Gilbert Ave., Peoria: Carol J. Shinn to Ryan S. and Jill M. Vaughan, $ 123,000.

5021 S. Turbett Street, City of Hanna: Donald R. and Nila L. Hammerich to Joe C. Cusac, $ 125,000.

5406 N. Nottingham Place, Peoria: Daniel L. Sparks and Christel Covert Sparks to Ashley Herberger, $ 125,000.

307 N. Lakeshore Drive, City of Hanna: Rodney L. and Pamela Okay. Weaver to Charles W. and Marilyn Okay. Carter, $ 125,000.

1803 E. St Jude Courtroom, Peoria Heights: Jason D. Tharp and Justin M. Tharp to Cassondra J. Rogers, $ 125,000.

4111 N. Columbus Ave., Peoria: Benjamin and Brooke A. Hogan to Abigail Ihrke, $ 126,000.

215 E. Hines Place, Peoria: Dustin E. Essig, Micah Bouillon and Holloway Holdings LLC to Roger Porter and Emma Smith Porter, $ 127,000.

3217 N. Sheridan Street, Peoria: Stephen J. and Kathryn M. Good to Marie Robinson, $ 132,000.

6402 N. St. Marys Street, Peoria: Hernando Mata to Anthony A. and Raelyn A. Scachette, $ 134,900.

206 W. Evergreen St., Elmwood: Scott A. and Sarah E. Livengood at Bain Jamie Yvonne, $ 135,000.

11217 N. Oakwood Drive, Constructing 4, Peoria: Kris and Prasanna Arvind at Revansidha Gulve, $ 139,900.

1916 S. Greenwood Courtroom, Peoria: Neil W. Cook dinner, Barbara J. Cook dinner and Lisa A. Jones to Christopher Leistikow, $ 139,900.

3448 W. Richwoods Blvd., Peoria: Norma L. Goodale at RNK Properties of Illinois LLC, $ 140,200.

2609 S. Cameron Lane, Peoria: Trent R. Thomason to Terilyn Sewell and Jerrylin Barnett, $ 144,000.

1409 W. West Aire Ave., Peoria: Holloway Holdings LLC to Amanda M. Dahlquist, $ 147,000.

1105 E. Brookview Lane, Peoria: Fannie Mae to Zachary and Amy Armstrong, $ 147,300.

513 W. Lawndale Ave., Peoria: Linda Lin to Eric A. Santos Jr. and Juliet Boyer, $ 149,500.

232 N. Hazel St., Chillicothe: Adam R. Johnson to Michael D. Ham II and John M. Ham, $ 149,900.

2517 W. Wardcliffe Drive, Peoria: Norma L. Goodale at RNK Properties of Illinois LLC, $ 157,800.

1709 W. Willow Wooden Drive, Peoria: Patrick S. and Megan Couri to William Okay. Miller and Joanna Epp, $ 163,000.

Neighborhood NE Neighborhood Neighborhood NE Part 1-11N-8E, Township of Hallock: Cecelia A. Kimble and Kimble Household Restricted Partnership to Chad W. and Barbara D. Allen, $ 164,399.

6211 N. Eldorado Drive, Peoria: Benjamin R. and Ciara M. Hancock to Joseph M. Haubenreiser, $ 170,000.

1823 S. Hopewood Lane, Peoria: Daniel and Janet White to Jake and Elizabeth Lowery, $ 170,500.

13727 W. Sommerfield Street, City of Hanna: Scott B. and Debra D. Wolford to Brandon M. and Rebecca A. Currie, $ 179,500.

402 S. French Drive, Dunlap: Michael D. and Melissa E. Appell to Bryan and Alison Richardson, $ 195,000.

3613 N. Highridge Drive, Peoria: Katherine Vick to David Brennan and Amanda Liaromatis, $ 207,000.

6302 N. Submit Oak Street, Peoria: Patrick J. and Nicole M. Serena to Kyle A. and Elise A. Stokes, $ 218,000.

1017 S. Johanson Street, Peoria: Tyler S. and Tiara J. Mullen to Steven M. and Kara E. Willman, $ 229,000.

11302 N. Rhonda Manner, Dunlap: Robert and Sharon Hodson to Christian D. and Rhonda L. Bessert, $ 230,000.

4810 N. Prospect Street, Peoria Heights: Nicholas E. and Nancee L. Vespa to WJA Properties LLC, $ 250,000.

314 W. Hollyridge Circle, Peoria: James F. and Elizabeth L. Heatwole to Adam and Cassandra Graf, $ 260,000.

3546 W. Chartwell Street, Peoria: Gregory L. and Linda Clementz to Patrick and Megan Couri, $ 279,000.

3516 E. Westbrook Street, Chillicothe: Tracy L. Hedden to Daniel A. and Janet A. White, $ 300,000.

7014 N. Water Oak Drive, Edwards: Copper Creek Holdings LLC to Walter E. Jr. and Audrey A. Malik, $ 310,000.

7023 N. Ironwood Drive, Edwards: Andrew and Rebecca Thomas at Np Dodge Jr., $ 323,500.

8321 W. Coyote Creek Drive, Peoria: James G. and Cathy J. Malone to Curtis A. and Ninette B. Leroy, $ 325,000.

3903 N. Grand View Drive, Peoria: John L. and Jennifer N. Lawler to Jeffrey Anderson, $ 341,000.

5224 N. Weaverridge Blvd, Peoria: Cartus Monetary Corp. to Calvert P. Jr. and Kim E. Benedict, $ 357,500.

6603 W. Willow Oak Courtroom, Edwards: Gary D. and Janet S. Uken to Daniel G. and Vicki A. Brodeur, $ 420,000.

17301 W. McDonald Street, Trivoli: Bradly S. and Margaret D. Rolando to Jing Tao, $ 435,000.

11801 W. Route 150, Brimfield: James S. Chambers to David Cox, $ 470,000.

418 S. Pinkerton Street, City of Hanna: Dennis P. and Cathy J. Reynolds to Jordan E. Barnes, $ 540,000.

5810 N. Prospect Street, Peoria: Glyn E. and Hilarie J. Jones to Phillip M. and Mary Okay. O’Donnell, $ 557,000.

After: Actual Property Transactions in Peoria, Tazewell and Woodford Counties, Might 23, 2021


117 Lincoln Parkway, East Peoria: Virginia R. Wagner to Cheri A. Boyette, $ 78,000.

303 Lynnhaven Drive, Washington: NDPM LLC 61571 303Lynnhaven to Richard A. Ballor Jr., $ 79,900.

206 St. Anthony Courtroom, South Pekin: Victor R. and Lori L. Temple to Breanna L. Eddings, $ 80,400.

1312 Veerman St., Beijing: Clyde Okay. Culp and Matthew T. Culp at SNH Funding Inc., $ 80,500.

119 Anderson Ave., East Peoria: Lumax Futures LLC to Kory S. and Ashley R. Grubb, $ 84,000.

118 and 120 Elm St., North Pekin: Sandra R. Dill to Ethan Rummel, $ 85,000.

401 E. Lancaster Street, Washington: Erik G. and Donna M. Frye to Richard A. II and Michelle L. Beebe, $ 85,000.

21851 Woodland Meadows Lane, Tremont: Lorene Okay. Neyrinck to Brandon R. and Tiphany C. Woodard, $ 87,200.

303 Stuber Courtroom, Tremont: Bradley A. Hild, Brian A. Hild and Bruce A. Hild at Delta Charlie LLC, $ 88,000.

411 E. Delwood St., Morton: Koch Bros Enterprise Properties LLC to Jason and Michele Garey, $ 89,000.

1326 Georgeane Drive, Beijing: Suzan E. Lawler to Benjamin and Kristina D. Funk, $ 90,000.

410 Fairlane Ave., Beijing: Anthony C. Jordan to Bradley Prentice, $ 94,900.

100 Marion Road, North Beijing: Janet L. Cleghorn to Joseph J. Malley, $ 101,500.

1902 Chicory Street, Beijing: Brenda Fosdick to David L. and Annie J. Anderson, $ 104,900.

218 Maple Park Drive, Beijing: Wanda M. Perry and Zachary D. and Sarah N. Lyons, $ 106,000.

940 Pekin Ave., Creve Coeur: Jeremy Dennis to David A. Rivera, $ 107,000.

307 S. Tazewell St., Mackinaw: Timothy and Jennifer Hoppe and Sandra Stafford to David L. Robbins Joint Tenancy Residing Belief and Jodi S. Robbins Joint Tenancy Residing Belief, $ 115,000.

Vacant lot, Tazewell County: William G. Welk to Tim J. Leman, $ 118,907.

510 Rosewood Drive, Washington State: Kristy L. Mansfield to Heidi M. Mullen, $ 119,900.

103 Quail Path, Washington: Gary E. and Tonya Leon to Tyler J. Menssen and Hannah P. Sams, $ 122,000.

1205 N. tenth St., Beijing: Douglas J. and Heidi L. Legel to Andrew Pickle, $ 129,900.

27 Candlewick Courtroom, Miner: Ralph A. Pouliot to Billy and Pamela Horner, $ 129,900.

305 Brookview Street, East Peoria: Matthew and Sarah Wallace to Gabriellen Johnson, $ 130,000.

2223 Veterans Street, # 12, Morton: Wilda J. Mooberry to Nancy J. Hursey, $ 130,000.

123 Discipline Grove Courtroom, East Peoria: Frank J. and Linda Valente to Joseph Opulente, $ 131,000.

Pekin Villas Extension 1, Tons 7-8, Beijing: Soctt A. and Diane L. Winders to Bradley S. Reid, $ 132,000.

111 Gem St., East Peoria: Austin Might to Laura Loyd, $ 132,500.

11 Beachcomber, Place Pekin: Gregory E. and Jackie L. Wurth to Taylor Harty, $ 134,200.

1507 Glendale avenue, Beijing: Mark E. Habberfiled to Brenda S. Adams, Jacob Sturm and Patsy Sturm, $ 134,900.

107 W. Holland St., Washington: Micah Bouillon and Dustin E. Essig to Justine A. Hohulin, $ 135,000.

114 Turnron Place, East Peoria: Russel T. and Rachel M. Sweeney to Alex and Allison N. Wachter, $ 135,000.

16517 Woodrow Street, Inexperienced Valley: Randall S. and Kathy Okay. Urish to Christopher Okay. Urish and Sarah A. Evans, $ 155,000.

603 Terrace Courtroom, Washington: Jason L. and Elizabeth McCombs to Jered Okay. Hale, $ 165,000.

204 Lynn St., Washington: Joseph N. and Jenna M. Christian to Kiley B. Bugaieski, $ 166,000.

114 Eastwood Drive, East Peoria: Sharon A. Sary to Kyle Albertson and Kelly Furbur, $ 186,000.

22947 Veterans Street, Morton: Hugo A. Garcia Sanchez and Carrie E. Garcia Auen to Matthew R. and Samantha Wilson, $ 195,000.

600 West St., Washington: Andrew J. and Jessica M. Brown to Patrick and Cathy Newbury, $ 225,000.

26289 E., chemin Lake Windermere, Tremont: Gary R. Bontemps to Rodney N. and Ruth A. Arms, $ 230,000.

212 Stonewood Drive, East Peoria: Kevin D. and Laura A. Chase to Judith Daniel, Austin Might and Lakin J. Vanderheydt, $ 250,000.

112 and 113 Tower Pointe, East Peoria: Gene O. and Evagelia Lyons to Robert P. and Stephanie L. Harris, $ 260,000.

1806 Jadens Manner, Washington: Michael J. and Michelle M. Regan to Grant A. and Dorothy M. Zehr, $ 270,000.

23444 Wiegand Lane, Washington State: James D. and Cathy J. Goff to Joseph T. Curtis and Nicole A. Straker Curtis, $ 289,900.

14 Cornwell Avenue, Mackinaw: Vince E. and Linda S. Showers to Craig R. and Andrea L. Johnson, $ 323,000.

317 avenue Pocono, Morton: Matthew C. Nass and Katherine N. Hollon to Chgozie A. and Ijeoma Ngwaba, $ 329,900.

1240 Brown Courtroom, Washington: Iuvo Constructum LLC to Kayla M. Johnson and Danielle M. Van Der Meer, $ 332,500.

358 Circle Shore Drive, Washington State: Ivan L. and Kathy L. Brandt to Andrew J. and Deborah S. Kalke, $ 375,000.

Vacant lot, Tazewell County: Michael E. and Patricia A. Sheets at Kelsey Hill, $ 379,900.

35 Sapphire Level, Morton: Clayton J. and Trisha J. Monfre to Christopher and Alyson Baker, $ 425,000.

1617 Grandlake Courtroom, Beijing: Bryan C. and Amy M. Hubner to Rebecca T. Maquet, $ 449,000.

17900 Lake Knolls Street, Beijing: Douglas Okay. and Cheri L. Frank to Philip N. and Cyrena Rassi, $ 462,000.

72 Blackberry Lane, Morton: Brian and Michelle Rogers to John E. Iii and Janelle Haines, $ 515,000.

50 Diamond Level, Morton: Michael R. and Mary J. Staley to Clayton and Trisha J. Monfre, $ 555,000.

Vacant lot, Tazewell County: RKC Land LLC to Tazewell County Landfill Inc., $ 650,000.

After: Actual Property Transactions in Peoria, Tazewell and Woodford Counties, Might 16, 2021


614 E. Pine St. Metamora: Kayllene R. Clymer to Antonio R. Mata, $ 127,000.

302 W. Joseph St., Roanoke: Linda M. Herbst to Nathaniel J. and Melanie B. Schroeder, $ 132,000.

Lot 5, Second Addition of Crestwood, Eureka: Clinton M. and Melissa M. Smith to Ryan L. Roseman, $ 153,000.

228 Hillside Street, East Peoria: Wayne D. and Maria R. Riddle to Trevor and Stephanie Hodge, $ 178,000.

234 E. Acorn Drive, East Peoria: Edward Hardman to Pete A. Rogers, $ 185,000.


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