Maui’s 21-day lockdown is voluntary, tougher rules still on the table

“We are in dire straits here,” Maui General Manager Sandy Baz said at a Friday afternoon press briefing hosted by Maui Mayor Michael Victorino.

Hawai’i has registered 9,790 cases in the past two weeks, representing more than 16% of the total confirmed cases for the state of Hawai’i since March 2020. New cases reported in Maui in the 14 last days are 1,124.

“These figures explain why the governor and the mayor are considering stricter rules,” he said. Efforts are also currently focused on voluntary compliance with masking and other mitigating measures such as hand washing, physical distancing and staying home when sick.

Maui’s 21-day lockdown is voluntary

“I wanted to clarify the mayor’s request the other day for a voluntary 21-day lockdown – and the keyword is voluntary,” Baz said. “We don’t issue a stay-at-home order, but he really asks you to… if you don’t have to go out, don’t go out. Do your essential work. Please do not get together with people outside of your own home. These are the kinds of things we are asking for.

“We call on visitors and residents to make these responsible choices and to avoid risky behavior due to the high transmission of the delta [variant],” he said.


“We will not be able to force our way out of this pandemic,” said Managing Director Sandy Baz.


“We are not an authoritarian country where we can force everyone to do anything. It is a democratic nation, and we ask, we beg you to join us in helping put these mitigation measures in place. It is the responsibility of each individual to make small choices every day to make things better or worse in County Maui. So it’s your choices that help us improve or unfortunately make our situation worse, ”said Baz.

Voluntary arrangements include:

  • Consider voluntarily restricting activities to basic needs only like shopping for groceries [and] doctor visits.
  • Avoid gatheringsespecially indoor gatherings with family and friends outside your home.
  • Employers will decide which employees can and cannot Work at home.
  • Visitors are asked to “enjoy the comfort and safety of your resort accommodation”.
  • County officials say it’s no time to venture out and visit places like Hāna, for example, which have clusters.

“Our isolated communities have very limited health resources. Remember the impact patients have on our healthcare facilities, especially our Maui Memorial Medical Center, which is our only acute care facility.


“I cannot stress enough that there is no need to go out, to get together, to go out in public. It’s really, really important at this point, ”said Mayor Victorino.

“To our visitors who appreciate our beautiful scenery and beautiful surroundings as well as all the other beautiful things Maui brings to the table, we have to ask you a question: how would you like someone to come to your house and follow and literally and figuratively messing up your home. I don’t think you would like that. And so we ask you for this same favor as a visitor – respect for our culture, our environment, but above all, for all of us, our home.

Still on the table if the COVID curve does not flatten
Health pass still under review

“We are asking this so that you can have fun and not have to shut down – which I think the governor, myself and other mayors are now talking about every day. We have to flatten the curve… If the curve does not flatten out over the next few weeks, we may have no choice but to close, ”said Mayor Victorino.

“I’m saying it’s better to be safer at home – to stay home if you don’t have to go out than to go out. Again, I am not limiting gatherings at this point except what is in place right now, but I ask everyone to use their kuleana, responsible actions to prevent further epidemics which can be devastating not only for our health care and our health care. workers and our health facilities, but to our community, ”said Mayor Victorino.

Governor David Ige signed an executive order on Tuesday, August 10, 2021, which limits social gatherings to 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors. The indoor capacity of restaurants, bars and gymnasiums is also limited to 50%.

“We continue to work with the governor’s office on requests to change Maui’s public health emergency rules. But really, does the government have to tell you how to live safely? I’m starting to get sick of telling you or asking you to do what’s right? Said Mayor Victorino.

While a health pass or vaccination passport for some restaurants and gyms surfaced for discussion as a potential mitigation measure during the mayor’s latest press briefing, the concept of the program is still under review.

“Nothing has been finalized yet, and I prefer not to go into details until these final approvals have been given by the governor,” Mayor Victorino said in response to an inquiry into the program. health card.

Message from the mayor: assume your personal responsibilities

Mayor Victorino asked several questions saying, “No. 1, Didn’t your parents tell you to wash your hands? … Didn’t they ask you to cover yourself up when you sneezed? This is what we were asked when we were children. We’re asking a bit of the same, maybe just a bit different with a mask. “

“But most importantly, didn’t your parents say to do what’s right, not just for yourself, but for those around you? I think we’ve gotten to the point where it’s now become you the people – it’s your kuleana (responsibility). Whether you are a visitor or a resident, it doesn’t make much of a difference. You have to do what’s right, ”he said.

“I’ve heard all the reasons why not. I’ve heard all the reasons why I don’t have to – it’s my constitutional right. It’s my freedom, but freedom comes with responsibility and if you don’t have responsibility you quickly lose freedom, ”Mayor Victorino said.

“It’s really in your hands, ladies and gentlemen. You visitors, you residents, this is your kuleana. It is your responsibility to act in a safe manner… no one else can do it for you, ”he said. “It is better to have and not need than to need and not to have. Better to get the shot and hope you never need it, than not to have it and find out that this variant, the Delta variant, finds you.

Classroom learning continues
The mayor always in favor or blended learning or at home for young children

Between August 20 and 26, HIDOE schools and complex areas reported a total of 557 confirmed cases of COVID-19 among staff and students.

Mayor Victorino said the schools discussion was raised again on Friday. “There is still a huge effort to keep our schools open. They think they have a better handle on all of this, especially the tests. I therefore rely on the Governor and the Ministry of Education, as well as the Ministry of Health for advice in this area. But I am still in favor, especially for young children under 11 who cannot get vaccinated, who have some kind of blended learning or home learning, ”Mayor Victorino said.

“For people aged 12 to 15, vaccination is available under Moderna, which is the subject of an emergency use authorization… For those aged 11 and under, unfortunately, there is none. . And we hope that by fall or early winter emergency use will be allowed for this particular age group, ”Mayor Victorino said.

COVID-19 test Offered at various locations

Status test sites: The Hawaii Department of Health is sponsoring drive-thru testing in Wailuku at the Walter Cameron J Center’s Mauliola Pharmacy near the Wailuku Police Station. There are also walk-in tests at Molokaʻi Drugs and walk-in tests at Rainbow Pharmacy Lānaʻi.

  • Mauliola Pharmacy tests are available seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. To make an appointment, visit or call 808-446-3722. County officials are reminding the public that traffic patterns change in the morning, so they can get the number of people looking to get tested during those hours.
  • Molokaʻi Drugs: Tests are available by appointment. Call 808-553-5790. Hours are Tuesday to Friday from 7.15 a.m. to 8.15 a.m. and from 9.15 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
  • Rainbow Pharmacy Lānaʻi: Walk-in testing is available Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 1 to 5:30 p.m.

County Free Test: The Maui County Free Ropes program continues at Lahaina (Lahaina Civic Center, a temporary site located in the parking lot), Kīhei (1280 South Kīhei Road behind Ace Hardware) and Kahului (348 Lehuakona St. at Maui Marketplace). Those interested in test appointments on Minit Medical sites should pre-register at Book online or call 808-667-6161.

Pharmacy tests: Free COVID-19 tests are also available through a partnership between the US Department of Health and Human Services and CVS, Longs Drugs or Wallgreens in Hawai’i. Health care providers should also be able to administer COVID-19 tests.

Vaccination Widely available

To this day, Maui County continues to track all other counties as a percentage of the population that has completed their vaccinations. Maui has a complete vaccination rate of 56%; and 66% of Maui residents have initiated a vaccine.

Vaccination clinics are available free of charge at various locations across the county.

Seniors or homebound people who want to get the home immunization can call the Maui County Office on Aging at 270-7774 and they will help you plan for home immunizations.

General information on vaccination locations and times is available at

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