Indo Thai Securities Enters Decarbonization Technology Through Its Subsidiary; The stock hits a new 52-week high


Indo Thai Securities Limited has incorporated a subsidiary on behalf of Femto Green Hydrogen Limited. The subsidiary is developing a kind of revolutionary decarbonization technique aimed at contributing to the eradication and reduction of global warming due to the various means of surface transport.

The company’s shares continued their winning streak. At around 9:35 am, Indo Thai Securities Ltd was trading at a new 52 week high of Rs 388.60 per coin, up Rs 18.50 or 5.00% (upper circuit). The action had closed at Rs 370.10 per coin, up Rs 17.6 or 4.99% (upper circuit) on BSE on Monday, which was its record.

This pioneering technique is based on Femto particles (The Millionth Part of Nano). The Company’s mission is to combat dangerous greenhouse gas emissions from various sources of fossil fuels. Said technology does not require physical intervention or modification of any process. It does not imply any changes in the mechanisms either. These two remarkable characteristics make it very niche and unique.

The first step in this direction is to aim to control the carbon emissions of vehicles, said Mr. Dhanpal Doshi, director of the company. He also expressed that the Company aims to establish a meaningful presence and entry in the carbon credit business.

This radical project is led by Mr. Nandan Kundetkar, President of Femto Green Hydrogen Limited, who is a leading scientist and innovator passionate about technological development, determined to make a difference and with expertise in the design, implementation implementation and integration of systems. technologies and supporting technical and programmatic derivation, Mr. Nandan Kundetkar has successfully diversified as a sought-after design consultant, data and network security expert and technology entrepreneur and is the holder of several international patents, and has recently developed a device where the pollution of vehicles can be reduced to even zero level and further research and development in the field is also underway.


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