Harris unveils plan to ‘elevate’ water security in foreign policy

Vice President Harris announced a plan on Wednesday to “elevate” water security as a national security issue.

She said the plan would involve “fully committing” the United States to helping provide access to clean water and sanitation services around the world, sharing U.S. water data “from order” to help manage and preserve water resources and to use our diplomatic resources to “elevate water security” to an international priority.

“This action plan will help our country prevent conflict and advance cooperation among nations, increase equity and economic growth, and make our world more inclusive and resilient,” she said.

A copy of plan said it would also involve “identifying and supporting” investment funds to connect communities to the resources needed to help them pay for water and sanitation, and using government agencies to provide loans and political risk insurance to support private sector investments in water, sanitation and hygiene.

It will also involve developing new climate-friendly technologies for water desalination and water resource recovery and working on initiatives with G-7 and G-20 countries, as well as with the United Nations.

Harris spoke out on water and other infrastructure issues and sought to promote the administration’s efforts on these issues.

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