Flipkart Fosters a Sustainable Value Chain to Drive Responsible Consumption During the Holiday Season | AFN News

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Flipkart promotes a sustainable value chain to drive responsible consumption during the holiday season

Posted on September 29, 2021

The increase in the adoption rate is a significant result of the efforts of the teams working with its sales partners, a transition path to gradually adopt sustainable packaging alternatives. Sustainable packaging alternatives were co-created with selling partners to customize designs based on durability, size constraints and cost effectiveness for different product categories.

These 2,000 electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers have been deployed in 90 cities in India and will help bring smiles back to the holiday season. Earlier this year, the company pledged to deploy 25,000 electric vehicles in its supply chain by 2030 in preparation for its transition to 100% fleet electrification as part of its collaboration with the The Climate Group’s EV100 campaign.

Mahesh Pratap Singh, Head of Sustainability and Social Responsibility, said Flipkart: “The holiday season is about creating progressive value for all stakeholders and we pride ourselves on delivering on our promise to our customers to bring them a sustainable holiday season with every order. Flipkart teams have come together to ensure our delivery people deliver to thousands of PINs in 90 cities in over 2,000 EVs, which is a proud moment for us on our journey to 100% electrification of our last mile fleet. Some of these cities include Bengaluru, Delhi / NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Waidhan, Hyderabad, Vidisha, Shajapur, Jhabua, Pune, Sonai, Mysore, Rampur and many more as we continue to embed sustainability into every part of our job.

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