Epiroc and SSAB will build a carbon-free value chain

Swedish mining equipment manufacturer Epiroc has launched a partnership with steelmaker SSAB to ensure the use of fossil-free steel in its mining equipment as part of a wider campaign to reduce carbon emissions.

SSAB is working to bring fossil-free steel to market on a commercial scale in 2026. It delivered the first steel made from hydrogen-reduced iron in 2021.

The company is working with iron producer LKAB and energy company Vattenfall under the HYBRIT initiative to develop a value chain for fossil-free iron and steel production, replacing coking coal traditionally needed in the steel industry.

Epiroc will initially use non-fossil steel as the material for a prototype underground machine produced at its plant in Örebro, Sweden. The plan is to increase the use of fossil-free steel over time.

Martin Lindqvist, president and CEO of SSAB, described the collaboration as the natural next step in the company’s efforts to mitigate climate change.

“Demand for fossil-free steel is growing, which is one of the reasons SSAB is advancing its green transition with the ambition to largely eliminate carbon dioxide emissions by 2030,” Lindqvist said. .

Helena Hedblom, president and CEO of Epiroc, said the partnership will help the company support its customers and achieve its climate goals.

“Clearly our innovation agenda goes hand in hand with our customers’ sustainability agenda,” Hedblom said.

Earlier in April 2022, LKAB ordered a third Scooptram ST18 automated loader from Epiroc for its Kiruna mine.

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