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Seller“is a column written by the seller side of the digital media community.

Today’s column is written by Romain Job, Chief Strategy Officer, Smart ad server.

As our programmatic market grows larger and larger, the challenge of identity resolution in a market driven by privacy and consent has made curation essential.

What is curation? Simply put, it’s a way to better streamline the digital advertising industry by solving its current opacity and complexity.

Even before the cookie and IDFA abandonment announcement, the programmatic world was murky and fragmented, with buyers buying from other buyers and publishers working with too many SSPs. And with the growing centrality of connected television (CTV), bringing order and meaning to the ecosystem was already difficult.

What our industry sorely needs are platforms that can feature filtered, premium, and organized inventory. We need simplicity and mastery of procurement strategies.

Curation will optimize the offer

It might seem counterintuitive, but by adding a custodial entity to the programmatic value path, brands and publishers can finally prune the supply chain back and forth. By integrating new datasets, the curator can offer auction packages with multi-publisher agreement IDs in a scalable environment at optimal prices.

The efficiency of the value chain has been one of the pressing needs of our company. Effective curation will be the driving force in solving this problem. The current rationalization of the market is evolving towards imperatives of optimizing even more stringent supply circuits led by buyers who, tired of complex supply chains, demand transactions in a closed and transparent environment. In a curation model, curators do not add any nodes to the supply chain. They just add value.

An opportunity to gain in efficiency

I have been in this industry for 15 years. I’m an ad tech OG. Despite all the twists and turns and turmoil, I’m pretty proud of what we’ve accomplished during this time. I would hate to see all the hard work and progress go wrong.

I know it’s not popular to stand up for ad networks, but it’s only fair to give them the credit they deserve for what they’ve brought to the programmatic age value chain. Many of them have become trading desks by developing a technological layer to drive innovation in business models. Ad networks have been instrumental in creating the early return mechanisms.

And remember those dizzying early days of stunt optimization and feedback management? They ultimately led to the development of the standards that still underpin our current programmatic marketplace.

On the flip side, however, ad networks have also caused the current supply chain bloat and heavy ad technology tax for publishers.

This brings us to the present opportunity: Conservatives are the next efficiency partners in the value chain. In a privacy-driven world, curation enables the creation and monetization of cohorts while keeping data in silos as industry cleanrooms proliferate like mushrooms after a summer rain.

It’s still early days, but there’s a growing cohort of curation platforms with programmatic APIs everywhere, direct integrations with purchasing and data platforms, and a solid ad-grade infrastructure to protect buyers and sellers. sellers. These platforms are scalable and have strong data infrastructures capable of processing and storing heavy advertising logs. They also offer robust proprietary programmatic advertising analytics for partners to optimize their investments.

The potential for curation

There is no doubt that this new model of curation can make a big contribution to a healthier advertising industry. Infrastructure and performance expertise within layers of custody is poised to add value to the vast liquidity of inventory available on programmatic platforms.

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