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DUBLIN – (COMMERCIAL THREAD)–The “CountryData Online (CDO)” the country profile has been added to offer.

CountryData Online (CDO) is the only source that combines current and historical risk ratings for the Political Risk Management Services and International Country Risk Guide rating systems. Data on political, economic, financial and social risks are available for 140 countries since 1984 in most cases.

Comprising over 2 million individual data points (with 100,000 data points added each year) – which have been particularly useful for artificial intelligence and machine learning programs and applications.

Everything in one place

CDO provides over 80 different variables, including over 50 risk ratings and forecasts for most countries. From up-to-date economic data to risk ratings unavailable elsewhere, CountryData Online has it all.

Get a lot or a little

CDO allows the user to select only the data they need, but can also produce international reports with thousands of data points. View the data online or download the data to Excel or comma-delimited files to import into spreadsheets or charts.

There is simply no other set of geopolitical risks as deep and far reaching as CDO, on a global scale! Although CDO is client-selective, in that only the necessary data can be purchased, the data set has the depth to produce cross-national and regional comparisons – particularly useful in the context of the scientific literature across a range of disciplines. academics.

The target audience includes:

  • University professors in economics, political science, international business, international politics, among others

  • Librarians specializing in economics, political science, international business, international politics, among others

  • Multilateral institutions like the United Nations, IMF, UNICEF, etc.

  • Multinational companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Exxon, Facebook, Google

  • Asset managers and investment firms such as Blackrock, Pimco, Franklin Templeton (especially portfolio managers within these types of companies)

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