ClearVue Technologies Ltd secures US supply chain through agreement with Advanced Impact Technologies

ClearVue Technologies Ltd (ASX: CPV, OTCQB: CVUEF) has signed a two-year manufacturing and distribution agreement with the American company Advanced Impact Technologies Inc (AITI) for the manufacture, sale and marketing of photovoltaic solar glass products (PV) of ClearVue.

AITI and its associated group companies have been in the commercial lamination and glazing business for over 40 years through branches in Florida and Massachusetts, providing access to an established network in the US market.

Entry into the North American market

“This agreement with Advanced Impact Technologies is intended to ensure the delivery of ClearVue’s products to the North American market,” said ClearVue Technologies Executive Chairman Victor Rosenberg.

“The AIT Group has both lamination and fabrication capabilities in the southern and northern United States and is a leading provider of other advanced glazing solutions, especially for military and defense applications.

“They already have the capability to supply ClearVue PV IGU products as well as our smart facade solution, as they are already a well-established manufacturer, supplier and installer of PDLC-based switchable glass.

“The intention behind this first agreement is to begin manufacturing and supply immediately and then explore a deeper relationship together in the form of a joint venture or other more integrated relationship, as both parties can already see a long and mutually beneficial relationship in the future.

“We believe there is strong alignment and recognition that the need to decarbonize construction across the board will now be a major driver for both companies going forward.”

The agreement between the two companies gives AITI exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights for the states of Massachusetts and Florida, as well as exclusive rights to supply the rest of the United States territories (except Pennsylvania) and Canada.

AITI will also receive non-exclusive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) manufacturing rights to supply ClearVue Technologies with finished ClearVue PV IGUs and smart facade products in applicable territories.

Possible joint venture on the horizon

“AIT Group prides itself on staying ahead of the latest industry developments, new technologies and opportunities,” said Jeff Besse, Founder and CEO of AIT Group.

“The AIT Group sees a very strong alignment with ClearVue as a natural complement to our suite of industry-leading products and solutions, initially through the signing of this agreement – ​​and longer term through a much higher level of involvement. through the development of a proposed joint venture.

“We view the ClearVue solution as a very timely product addressing the immediate needs of the United States to decarbonize all construction, whether new or retrofitted.

“We already supply specialized ballistic and attack glass to American schools – we consider the combination of the ClearVue smart facade ventilation solution which can bring in fresh air while reducing the use of traditional air conditioning (which can circulate viruses and other contaminants) as a great alignment with our existing product offering.

“ClearVue has also opened our eyes to the significant opportunity to supply products to the greenhouse market to address food safety initiatives and rapidly developing industries such as medicinal cannabis and other high-value crops.”

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