Cervantes: In the midst of a pandemic: “God detaches us from the securities of this world”

IN SOME of her apparitions, the Blessed Virgin Mary spoke of “long years” of trials to come. If so, then the prophesied retribution is not so soon. What is coming soon, say modern Catholic mystics, is the prophesied Warning and Miracle, which are to occur in the same year.

These three major prophecies – the Warning, the Miracle and the Punishment – were the most important in the messages of the Blessed Mother during her appearances to four daughters in Garabandal, Spain, from 1961 to 1965.

Glenn Hudson, a visionary friend of Garabandal Conchita and administrator of The Miracle of Garabandal Facebook group, noted that believers at the apparitions in this remote hamlet in Spain include Saint Padre Pio, Holy Popes John Paul II and Paul VI, and St Mother Teresa of Calcutta, among others.

And so many people, even non-Catholics, keep a close eye on what happened in Garabandal where the Blessed Mother had appeared around 2,000 times, as well as on the lives of the three remaining visionaries (Mari Loli died in 2009 after an exemplary life experience) who, although now in their old age, should live long enough to at least witness the Warning and the Miracle. It is against this background that many have speculated on when the two events should occur, given some clues from the Mother of God.

But first, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, may I quote Mr. Hudson again in his March 19, 2020 interview with Conchita on the tribulations of our time. He quoted Conchita as follows:

“God detaches us from the securities of this world. In the silence of the Church or in our home, we are now able to examine our conscience in order to clean up what is preventing us from clearly hearing the Voice of God. We can sincerely ask God to tell us what he wants from us today, and continue to do so every day. And spend as much time as possible with God in church or somewhere in your house or wherever you find silence. He’s all we need. ”

And now when the Miracle is to take place. From Mr. Hudson’s group is an interview with Conchita by Fr. Gustovo Morales on May 6, 1986.

Q. Has Conchita ever revealed anything special to you?

A. Well, she was telling me that if I guessed the day of the Miracle, she would tell me, so I would try to guess the date but I never did. Every time I gave her a date, she would say, “No, that’s not it. Until she says, “I’ll help you guess. This will be between February and July and it will be between the 7th and 17th, but I won’t tell you which year. ‘ She assured me that The Miracle would not arrive in May.

Mr. Hudson also cited the book “Miracle at Garabandal” by Harry Daley which quoted Conchita as saying, “I will also tell you that this (ie the Miracle) is going to happen in April or May. . “

“Since she had already assured Father Morelos in 1965 that the miracle would not occur in May, one can safely conclude that April must be the month in which it will take place. I spoke to Conchita about all these details as recent as April 25, 1988 in a telephone conversation, and although she cannot recall saying what she said to both Father Morelos and Harry Daley, commenting that ‘she had not read her book, she did not deny having said them or contradicting April as being the month of the Miracle. I pointed out that I intended to publish this information in “The Vigil” at unless she said it wasn’t true, which she didn’t, but her response was, “You can do whatever you want,” “Hudson said.

Garabandal’s visionaries have also said in various interviews that the Warning will occur when the world is at its “worst.” They said it would mean Communism would spread all over the world.

In this regard, it is interesting to note a message from the Blessed Mother to the stigmatizing mystic Luz de Maria de Bonilla on September 10, 2021, thus:

“Beloved children of my Immaculate Heart: I bless you as Mother of Humanity. I call you to renounce sin and to entrust yourselves to my Son. Humanity has become perverted to the point of abandoning itself to evil – this evil which humanity does not want to renounce. The heart of my Son and my Heart …

“To you who listen to the word of this Mother: I call you to remain faithful, to live the faith in all its splendor, seeing in martyrdom the triumph which makes you resemble my Son.

“The great machinery of evil takes hold of what belongs to my Son: the human being, whom it maintains in degradation in order to make you dependent. This machine is Communism which has degraded man in all aspects of life, sheltering violence, division and opposition He rose up to oppress humanity The pain will become stronger for my children, you will be forced to deny the Miracle of the Eucharist and will be greatly tested. Do not lose heart, children, do not lose heart: continue steadfast in the Faith, you know that pain is atonement and that your offerings are not lost.

“Mankind has gone from a ‘before’ to a ‘now’, this ‘now’ being where evil hurts my heart by attacking my children. The elements have unleashed their fury, which will increase until the creatures humans feel stuck and stumble in Faith. It is humanity that has offended My Divine Son by worshiping false gods. This Brood of evil has come to destroy man, to blaspheme My Son and His Church, to slander itself, worship and impose idols that she will take in the temples of my Son. Events will continue: the moon and the sun will create interference leading to great geographic changes and the elements will rise with more force, changing the climate of the earth.

“Do not be afraid: Heaven is truly with you. Keep the commandments; do not faint on the way; you will not be alone. My Son will give some of my favorite sons the spiritual strength and faith to keep you on. the way, without forgetting that the Angel of Peace will be sent from Above to comfort you in times of need and to keep the People faithful. I call you to pray for an end to the scourge of communism. I assure you that the fidelity to the Father’s House, such as you have never experienced, will come later.

“I bless you, children, with my maternal protection. With my Immaculate Heart, I bless and protect you.”

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