Blume Global now manages logistics operating platform natively on Google Cloud


PLEASANTON, California, October 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Blume Global, the leading provider of supply chain fulfillment and visibility solutions, is proud to be the first to deliver logistics fulfillment and supply chain visibility solutions fully native to Google Cloud Platform. Customers using Blume’s digital operating platform with Blume Maps can access these solutions from a cloud-native platform.

Blume’s digital supply chain operating platform with Blume Maps, a digital supply chain twin, was born on GCP in 2018. Blume’s digital operating platform and solutions are used by some of the largest freight railways, steam container lines, logistics service providers. and shippers around the world to manage and track the movement of freight and transportation assets in more than 130 countries. Blume leverages GCP’s services to collect, cleanse, and provide access to accurate, high-quality logistics data, enabling high-value solutions from Blume, including Blume Maps; management of international, intermodal and national transport; management of transport assets; visibility of the supply chain; orchestration of orders; and the control tower, which also originated on GCP.

“Businesses today need solutions that help them manage and optimize their logistics strategies through data,” said Hans Thalbauer, general manager of Google Cloud Supply Chain. “We are delighted that Blume has chosen to run its platform on Google Cloud and provide customers with the solutions they need to be successful.”

Blume’s digital operating platform goes beyond TMS’s status quo. Its supply chain digital twin, Blume Maps, is modeled after Google Maps. Consumers use Google’s map tool to find locations, generate driving directions, and provide feedback on every trip. With Blume Maps, planning the route of a freight shipment, tracking shipment progress and ETA, and changing course during the trip if something goes wrong, is as natural as using the tracking app. Google navigation on a family trip. The solution allows customers to generate accurate delivery times, real-time shipping location, and ETAs for road, ocean, air and rail. Blume Maps can also provide alternative modes, carriers and routes when shipments are late, enabling unmatched supply chain agility.

“When we thought about where we wanted to create Blume Maps, we made the very conscious decision to go with GCP over other cloud providers because of their commitment to making a difference in the space of. the supply chain, ”said the CEO of Blume Global. Pervinder Johar. “At Blume, we are building the digital supply chain operating platform for the next 50 years, and our partnership with Google Cloud Platform has made this mission possible.”

About Blume Global

Supply chain technology provider Blume Global aims to eliminate 1000 billion dollars global supply chain waste, making logistics processes more agile, reliable and sustainable through innovative logistics execution and visibility solutions. Blume’s digital platform goes beyond the status quo of transportation management, enabling users to quickly predict the impact of disruptions and respond in real time before minor issues become major issues. With one of the most extensive networks among logistics technology providers, Blume Global’s direct connectivity to ocean, air, rail, parcel, LTL and full truck carriers combines with solutions from Blume Global and 27 years of industry data to give customers the intelligence to maximize transportation spend, improve customer service and reduce carbon emissions.

SOURCE Blume Global


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