BlockApps and Genesis – Blockchain for Beef Bring Transparency to Meat Supply Chain

NEW YORK & CHEYENNE, Wyo. – BlockApps, the leading provider of enterprise blockchain platforms, has launched its latest offering with Genesis – Blockchain for Beef. This follows the launch last year of TraceHarvest in partnership with Bayer Crop Science, which traces the entire life cycle of agricultural products from the seed source. By leveraging TraceHarvest, Genesis – Blockchain for Beef brings the same accountability and value that TraceHarvest brings to sourcing seeds for animal product supply.

All cattle in the food production chain generate data elements that add value to the beef produced. Historically, it has been difficult to track and present data that validates the treatments, vaccine use and production practices used in individual cattle operations. This information is valuable to everyone from ranchers, feedlots and packers to retailers and consumers. Blockchain technology allows producers to reliably track data from start to finish, move that data through the supply chain, and include third-party verification for ongoing validation of production practices. . The nature of the blockchain means that data is contained in a decentralized network, making each participant the owner and steward of their data.

“The beef production space has a great story to tell about the decisions producers make every day. By being data-driven and now being able to move information through the supply chain, we drive value into our processes and optimize our end product, ”said Hannah Garrett, Founder and CEO by Genesis – Blockchain for Beef. “The Genesis platform acts as a catalyst to bring data to the fore and transparently deliver valid information from start to finish. “

Genesis – Blockchain for Beef allows users to record and track animal data such as health protocols, performance indicators, current locations, and progress throughout the supply chain. The ability to customize the data flow between buyer and seller is also unique to the platform. Producers own and govern their own data, allowing access to specified parts for regulatory, marketing or other purposes. The data flow from one party to another is real time and can be captured in a smart contract. These contracts can then include third parties to validate transactions or production practices, thereby minimizing risk for everyone involved. Genesis – Blockchain for Beef aims to streamline the flow of data and livestock throughout the supply chain, maximizing the value and quality of beef.

“Sourcing in the agricultural space is a natural fit for blockchain, not only because consumers want to know where their food comes from more than ever before, but also because they are able to demonstrate things – like health of a herd – or financial transactions along the way – is crucial in an industry facing increasing regulations, ”said Kieren James-Lubin, President and CEO of BlockApps. “We are excited to expand this offering to include meat sourcing and help ranchers, feedlots, packers and consumers get a better product. “

About Genesis – Blockchain for Beef

Genesis – Blockchain for Beef is an agricultural technology company positioned to serve the beef industry through data management and optimization. As a producer-centric database service provider, we generate value in livestock using blockchain technology to highlight production standards and practices. As the industry progresses, the flow of information from source to consumer continues to evolve, playing a critical role in demand at all points in the supply chain. We strive to provide a platform for producers to maximize their data, driving value in their beef cattle.

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About BlockApps

BlockApps is the leading provider of blockchain technology for corporate networks. Our platform, BlockApps STRATO, powers industrial networks across energy, finance, agriculture, live events, travel and many more. Founded in 2015, BlockApps has created several innovations in the industry, including the launch of Blockchain as a Service with Microsoft, the founding of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (the world’s largest open standard blockchain organization) and the first blockchain company to partner with all major cloud platforms (Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform). For more information, visit and contact us at, or find us on social media via LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.

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