11 subscriptions you might want to cancel today

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Are you wasting hundreds of dollars each month on subscriptions? You might be surprised to find that you are.

According C+R research, consumers spend about $219 per month on subscription services. If you’re trying to find a little extra cash each month, you might benefit from removing some of your subscription services.

1. Gym Membership

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Are you really going to the gym as much as you hope? If not, you might consider canceling your gym membership. If you want to exercise, you can go for a walk, ride a bike or buy dumbbells. YouTube is full of workouts you can make at homeincluding muscle strengthening exercises using only your body weight.

2. YouTube Premium

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If you pay $11.99 per month for YouTubePremium, check if you are getting the true value from this service. It comes with background playback and offers ad-free viewing. However, do you watch enough YouTube to use these features? Do you need YouTube running in the background while using other apps? By canceling YouTube Premium, you could save $143.88 per year.

3. Cable TV

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You haven’t cut the cord yet? Rather than paying monthly for cable or satellite TV, consider a service like Pluto TV. You can access this streaming service to watch hundreds of channels just like watching live cable TV. There are also thousands of on-demand movies available. Moreover, Pluto TV is free. You might have to watch commercials, but at least you’re not paying for cable — where you have to watch commercials despite paying for the service.

And Pluto TV is just one of more than a dozen free movie and tv streaming services.

4. Video streaming services

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It seems like everyone has a streaming service these days. Unfortunately, canceling your streaming service is the only way to stop being billed each month. Look at your bank statements and check how many streaming services you have. Then think about how often you use them. You can cancel netflix, Hulu Where Disney+ by accessing your account page and canceling your subscription or membership.

Another option is to see if your cell phone provider has an agreement. For instance, Verizon is giving away six months of Disney+ with some plans (be sure to cancel after six months if you’re not using it), and T-Mobile offers similar deals from AppleTV+ and netflix.

5. Music Streaming Services

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Again, if you don’t use music streaming services regularly, paying for them each month can start to add up, especially if you subscribe to multiple services. Review your usage and determine if you should stop paying this monthly fee.

For some Services, you may have subscribed through a third party. For instance, Amazon Music Unlimited has different requirements, depending on how you registered for your account. If you signed up through iTunes, you must cancel through Apple. If you signed up with Amazon, you can manage your music subscription from your Amazon account.

With Spotify, you can choose to cancel your premium (paid) account. You must go to your account plan and then choose “Change plan”. From there, you can cancel your premium plan and still have access to free music streaming through Spotify. You can save money if you only listen occasionally and can manage the ads.

6. Subscription boxes

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Getting a box full of geeky toys or having regular pet supplies sent to you is probably fun. However, these boxes cost money every month and can clutter up your home. Review the boxes that keep coming to you and assess if you are actually using the items. If you find you’re not using what you get, cancel the box and enjoy a cleaner home while saving money.

7. Amazon Subscribe and Save

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Amazon touts the opportunity to save up to 15% on items when you use Subscribe & Save to have products delivered to your home regularly. However, even a 15% discount may not be a real long-term savings if those purchases start piling up and you don’t use them fast enough.

Even if you don’t completely cancel all of your subscriptions, consider reviewing how often you receive them. Perhaps it is better to receive certain articles every six months rather than every three months. Review your usage and make adjustments so you don’t spend money unnecessarily.

8. Premium Mobile Apps

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Maybe you signed up for a free trial of a premium mobile app, and now you’re paying a monthly fee or getting billed annually. Several premium apps help you do everything from meditation to organizing your finances. What if you could get a similar service for free?

calm costs $69.99 per year after a free trial, but Preview timer offers free, ongoing access to similar guided meditations. You can get a free version of the financial app PocketGuardrather than paying $34.99 per year for premium features you may not need. mint is a free budget tracker, while many others cost money. Review your mobile app usage to see if you can find a free alternative that suits your needs.

9. Credit Monitoring Services

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Are you paying for credit monitoring that you could get for free? A service like identity strength credit reporting company TransUnion could charge you up to $239.90 per year. Or you could pay $24.99 per month for one of Experianmonitoring services. But what if you didn’t need to pay to monitor your credit?

At present, Annual credit report offers weekly access to your credit reports. This is the official website that provides free credit reports as required by law. You can also use free services like credit karma to keep tabs on what’s going on with your credit. Some banks even offer ongoing services for free, such as Capital One’s CreditWise product. You may not need to pay for a subscription when you can get similar information for free.

10. Delivery Services

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Some grocery delivery services offer advanced accounts that cost extra money. You get free shipping on orders over a certain amount, and you may qualify for other discounts and perks. Both DoorDash and instagram have versions that come with a monthly cost of $9.99.

But are you getting enough delivery to make the cost worth it? And do the shipping savings add up? Review your costs to determine if you could get by without paying the ongoing subscription cost.

11. News sites and online magazines

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Do you read The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal enough to pay for monthly access to articles? Other publications also charge a monthly fee to access it online; you might be surprised at how well it all adds up. Maybe it makes sense to pick one and keep it. Or check the library to see if they offer free access through their system. Another option is to take out a digital subscription to your local newspaper and support its work.

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