Get a loan with your passport: basic methods.

Do you know where you can get money on credit by presenting only a passport? On this page you will receive information about the main and most common methods to quickly and easily obtain a loan for your needs.



This type of receiving funds makes it possible to receive cash pretty quickly. These loans are issued by small organizations, which are not banking institutions under the charter. They will be able to give you a small amount of money for a relatively short time.

Features of microcredit:

  • The interest rate on the loan issued to you will definitely not be happy. This tool has a characteristic feature: interest is accrued on the balance daily. The rate can reach the mark of 2.5% daily.
  • To obtain a microloan, it is enough only to have a passport. Most of all micro-finance companies give out money at the place of registration and immediately. If you want to get a loan, you just need to fill out the form and attach a certified copy of your passport. This will take you no more than one hour of personal time. Most often, a cash loan operation is carried out in 15 minutes.
  • The places where microfinance companies provide services are located in almost every microdistrict. Finding them is not difficult. They are based near public transport, train stations, and shops.
  • The ability to take a loan a small amount. They can even give you 10 thousand USD. A second loan will be issued to you only after repayment of the previous one.
  • You need to return the money quickly. This period is often no more than 1 month.

Express loans

Express loans

Under the acronym express credit is understood as a loan, which the client takes for a particular product. An express loan is issued simultaneously with the purchase of goods in chain stores, or in large companies engaged in the market for the provision of services. The following organizations may act as such companies: travel agencies, real estate turnover agencies, etc. Places where such loans are issued can be recognized by the logos of banks on tables in stores.

Features of issuing an express loan:

  • In most cases, this loan is issued for something specific.
  • Loan rates are not small. There are times when the rate exceeds the mark of 50% of the amount taken.
  • For a loan to be issued for you, you only need an identity document, most often only a passport is enough.
  • Specialists will review your application locally. It will take a little time – 30 minutes.
  • The amount of issue is relatively small. Often the amount issued does not exceed 200 thousand USD. The return period is also not long – two years.

Get a credit card or take a cash loan at Lendoff Bank

Get a credit card or take a cash loan at Tinkoff Bank

The Lendoff banking institution is known for the fact that for decades it has not loaded customers with paperwork – in order to get a loan or get a credit card, it is enough to have a passport. Plus, everything is made out directly on the bank’s Internet site, and money (credit card) will be delivered to your home address.

Credit card from Lendoff

The interest rate on this type of lending is 19.9% per annum, we should not forget about the interest-free period up to 55 days. A credit card is provided to a client from the Moscow region in just one hour from the time of registration. Its delivery is carried out by the courier. In other large regions, a similar procedure will not exceed 2 days. The card will be delivered to remote villages by mail.

Cash loan from Lendoff

The loan rate starts at 14.9% per annum, but there is no such tool as an interest-free period. Money will be delivered directly to your home address via debit card. You can subsequently withdraw money from this card at a nearby ATM. Or there is an opportunity to take them to the point of issue, they are present in cities in large numbers. The maximum amount for such a loan is 1 million USD. The term is 3 years.