3 Czech proverbs that you remember when negotiating a loan

Proverb experts say they contain generally applicable principles . And not just any. They were already known in ancient India or the Assyrian Empire, where they were first mentioned. But it is clear that they have existed for much longer – people just did not write them down, but they learned them orally.

It is also certain that the proverbs have much to say today. Like when negotiating a loan . So don’t be scared by debt traps and spirals, remember the advice verified by several millennia and you can’t make a mistake.

And just for the sake of interest – did you know that the science of researching a proverb is called paremiology ?

1. Measure twice and cut once


If the seamstress sewed clothes from your eye, the result would be strangled, pushed, and there could be no question of comfort. It’s the same with a loan. If you arrange the first to come across, you can not be surprised that you will not fall like a glove.

Therefore, first add up all family incomes and then subtract average expenditures from them. You will receive an amount that could be a monthly loan repayment. But always leave aside a reserve for unexpected expenses.

Once you know how much you can repay each month, compare the offers of different providers. However, select only the trusted and honest ones, for example, according to the Safe Loan Navigator. Using the APR (any online calculator will help you with the calculations), you can easily see how much the loan will cost you in the end and who will give it the most profitable.


2. As the forest is called, it comes from the forest


Call the forest, your lender, in case of any problem. And ideally before you even get into it. You have been dismissed from work, but the savings are enough for three installments? Just call now so that the lender sees your proactive approach .

When you keep your problems secret or lie to the lender, remember the proverb of a lie that has short legs. When it breaks – and it certainly breaks – you will lose credibility and your problems will be just bigger.


3. Many dogs – the hare’s death


Or rather many loans – the debtor’s problem . One loan is enough and take the second only after the first repay. In any case, do not repay the loan with another loan . You’re not a stupid blonde.

Imaginary dogs will not get rid of, on the contrary, they will be even hungrier and furious. If you cannot manage to repay one loan, it is certain that you will not repay the other, higher.


At Molly Bloom we follow the proverb “our customer, our master”. However, we may not approve the loan you requested. We, too, measure twice and always provide you with a loan that will not jeopardize your family budget.

How do we determine the amount? The credit score helps us.